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Webinar for Teachers and School Administrators
Enjoy this free webinar and create the culture of your school that you have always wanted – starting with the development of you!

Designing a Three Month Distance Learning Program (For Teachers and Administrators)

Enjoy a free preview into this webinar and purchase the full webinar to learn about teaming, influencing, managing and engaging with constituents while offering a robust distance learning curriculum and program for k – 3rd grade.

Positive Discipline Training

I have my certification in Positive discipline training and am also a trainer of trainers! I have done numerous workshops on teaching parents and teachers how to help children connect in real-world settings. After all, Positive Discipine is all about teaching children to become contributing members to society and how society can positively benefit them. Check out one of my workshops HERE.

Transformational Coaching

One thing I learned while receiving my Master’s degree in Transfomational coaching and Leadership is that life is a journey of realizing and exploring your full-potential. This can mean many different things to different people. Sometimes people need a simple kick in the butt to get things started. Some people need much more than that. Whatever it is that you might need in your journey through life, I am here to help you build the foundation so that you can develop a beautiful building of a successful life. Email me for more information and to get things started!

Parenting Services: Workshops, trainings and private coaching available

Teacher Training: Workshops, Trainings, Consultations and Private Coaching for Teachers and School Leaders Avaialble.

*Assistant teacher trainings, and other workshops planned annually.  Submit a contact form to receive regular updates*

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