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Parenting with Emotional Intelligence:  A Blog About a Podcast!

Those of you who have been reading my blogs and/or listening to my podcasts should know that ToolHows’ Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Love podcast was nominated as a Top Emotional Intelligence Podcast by Welp Magazine.  The article published is here: https://WelpMagazine.com/?p=17395.  I am thrilled with the recognition that this work has attracted and proud to be recognized by Welp magazine while sharing this knowledge, wisdom and support. 

Parents…if you have not listened to the podcast, please do! It covers an array of material beginning with the whole and graduating to the detail.   We do not go through an intensive or extensive education or training to become parents.  Most of us begin the parenting journey with a mindset that we will do all we can to be better parents to our children than our parents were to us.  The reality, however, is that during times of stress, we resort to what we are comfortable with.  And, what we are comfortable with is what we know – even if we don’t like it. 

The podcast begins with an invitation for parents to brainstorm the following:

  • What do they want for their children in terms of characteristics and skills?
  • What are their parenting challenges? 
  • What strategies to address the challenges have been tried? 
  • Do these (oftentimes reactive) strategies help model and/or help children develop the characteristics and skills? 

The podcast goes on to emphasize that we, as parents, invite certain behaviors from our children – even the ones that drive us crazy!  Once we begin to unpack ourselves, and shift some of the ways in which we interact with our children, we begin to grow and begin to find more joy in parenting.  

Continue listening and learn about:

  • Important perceptions and skills to help your children develop.
  • How language semantics makes a huge difference
  • The need behind your child’s behavior
  • Supporting your child’s language development, empowering them, encouraging them, observing them and preparing yourself to support your child’s potential. 

Here it is!  Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Love Podcast nominated as one of the top 20 emotional intelligence podcasts of 2021. 

Listen, enjoy, and share!  


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