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This six-week course offered via zoom on Saturdays from
10:00am – noon CST. The course is designed for teachers,
counselors, school staff and administrators wanting to adopt a
respectful and effective approach to discipline. The training is
Adlerian based and enhances social and emotional learning while
reducing challenging student behaviors. Attendees will earn
recognition as Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educators

Teaching With Emotional Intelligence and Love June 2023

May 13 – June 17 2023



  • Classroom management workshops and trainings (virtual and in person).
  • Assistant trainings and development.
  • Curriculum and program training and development.
  • Leadership trainings (many of them; designed to accommodate individual school and culture needs).
  • Positive Discipline certification training for whole school — two day or weekly for six weeks (each day two hour sessions).
  • Positive Discipline parenting training for whole school (educators become certified to teach parenting classes within their schools).
  • On-going, customized parent training and coaching for parents within the school community.


  • Private coaching for teachers and school leaders.


  • Customized, on-going mentoring for teachers departments and/or school leaders.


  • Whole school, on-site visits and overall consultation services.
  • Individual department site visits and consultations

There are 12 myths about the Montessori education model. Parenting Leading and Teaching With Emotional Intelligence and Love

Know the truth about Montessori after the next four weeks!  — Send in a voice message:
  1. There are 12 myths about the Montessori education model.
  2. Walkabouts…Using Movement to Enhance Learning!
  3. "Better Speech" for your 0 – 3 year old with Lenora Edwards!
  4. Supporting Your Child's Journey Through Toilet Learning
  5. Health, Sex, Substance Use and Abuse and Your Adolescent!

I worked with Shawn as a fellow HOS in a network of charter schools, and she is extremely well versed in all of the areas above. She is AMI trained at the elementary level with years of classroom and school leadership experience. She was able to pivot during the pandemic and became one of the distance learning mentors for the organization, and created an online curriculum that was offered through Trillium Montessori.  I am a seasoned school leader myself, but sill, Shawn has offered me insights and new perspectives that I hadn’t before considered that has added to my own growth and professional development. She’s especially talented in organizing teams to get things done, positive discipline, and mentoring teachers, school leaders, and parents.  She presents very well, and has a wealth of knowledge to offer. I highly recommend her for any kind of teacher or school leader mentor or training position, as this is where she shines.

Letty Rising

Shawn Edwards was the best Montessori leader I have worked with in 20 years. Her leadership and skills enable teachers and administrators to push past their comfort zones and become the best they can be.  Shawn’s work ethic is an inspiration to all.

Sandra Marlor

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