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Other Parenting Tools Available

  • Private Family Coaching.
  • Group Courses as Advertised.
  • Summer 2023 Special: Three Coaching Sessions for $149!

Here is a free Podcast that I have been working on. Enjoy!

How Can You See Your Child as an Adult? (Episode 1).

Parenting With Emotional Intelligence and Love. (Episode 2).

Starting a Montessori School (In Two Months!) Parenting Leading and Teaching With Emotional Intelligence and Love

Montessori Monday with ToolHows! Join me and Kathleen Olinger as she shares her journey into the world of Montessori and…in two years…launching her own school! Kathleen decided in June of 2022 that starting her own school in Lynchburg Virginia was what she really wanted to do. She found a site, raised some money, rennovated the site, launched a website, collected enrollment fees and opened her school on September 6, 2023…two short months after her vision emerged! Listen and learn more! — Send in a voice message:
  1. Starting a Montessori School (In Two Months!)
  2. Learning and Growing With ToolHows Tools
  3. What Montessori is and What it is Not!
  4. There are 12 myths about the Montessori education model.
  5. Walkabouts…Using Movement to Enhance Learning!
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