Tools For Parents

  • Two and a half hour introduction to Positive Discipline Training (can accommodate up to 30 parents per training — in person and/or virtually).
  • Family and/or one-on-one parent coaching.
  • Parents Helping Parents group facilitation (weekly and on-going). Members must attend the 2.5 hour Positive Discipline Training to be eligible. This a lovely opportunity for parents to come together, share their challenges and brainstorm together.

Do you know a group of parents who are interested in expanding on the tools that currently reside  in their toolboxes?  Fill out an inquiry form here so we can begin to customize your needs and associated pricing:

Alternatively, you can always contact me at the email and phone number listed at the top of the website!

Here is a free Podcast that I have been working on. Enjoy!

How Can You See Your Child as an Adult? (Episode 1).

Parenting With Emotional Intelligence and Love. (Episode 2).

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