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Here is a free Podcast that I have been working on. Enjoy!

How Can You See Your Child as an Adult? (Episode 1).

Parenting With Emotional Intelligence and Love. (Episode 2).

"Better Speech" for your 0 – 3 year old with Lenora Edwards! Parenting Leading and Teaching With Emotional Intelligence and Love

Enjoy this Episode where Lenora Edwards and I discuss language development with children 0 – 3.  What should it look like?  How do you foster it?  When might you be concerned?  YouTube: Now: Speech Resources: In: Lenora Edwards is a ASHA Board Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Chief Knowledge Officer with Better Speech. Since obtaining her CCC’s in 2010, she has worked with individuals of all ages from little ones who are learning to understand and express themselves to adults who want to improve their speaking skills and become a more fluent and effective communicator.  Lenora loves to teach and educate others so if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Better Speech is an online speech therapy company that has been providing professional, affordable and convenient speech therapy services for more than a decade. All the Speech Language Pathologists with Better Speech are Board Certified and State Licensed with more than 10 years experience each which allows them to provide outstanding online speech therapy services nationwide and internationally. At , we are experts at helping people communicate in the most efficient and affordable way possible! — Send in a voice message:
  1. "Better Speech" for your 0 – 3 year old with Lenora Edwards!
  2. Supporting Your Child's Journey Through Toilet Learning
  3. Health, Sex, Substance Use and Abuse and Your Adolescent!
  4. Montessori Monday – Preparation of the Adult
  5. Feeling Triggered or Challenged by Behavior?
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