Shawn Edwards is currently the Head
of School at LePort Montessori, Solana
Beach. She has been working in
Montessori schools for 30 years. She is a
Positive Discipline trainer and also holds
a Master’s Degree in Transformational
Leadership and Coaching. Shawn is also
a wife, mother and grandmother!

Alcuin Montessori School

Chair of Director Evaluation Support Committee

“Shawn’s leadership skills are strong and continue to improve.  She provides faculty and staff with a good balance of support and autonomy.  Shawn accomplishes a difficult balance between being solution oriented while maintaining a spirit of cooperation.  These are characteristics that honor the values of the Montessori philosophy and Alcuin Montessori School.”

North American Montessori Teacher’s Association

Executive Director

“Shawn has given several excellent presentations about the elementary and parent education at our NAMTA national conferences. Her work with parents is positive, Montessori informed, and dynamic…. I visited Shawn her first year at Alcuin, and already she had the board trusting her, her staff in awe of her firmness and clarity, and with a clear goal to begin a middle school, selecting exactly the right staff person to take the NAMTA Adolescent Orientation which I led in Cleveland. Shawn is a sure thing.”

Montessori House for Children

Head of School

“We invited Shawn Edwards to our school to provide direction, organization and clarity in our administrative roles and processes.  She provided that and so much more!  Shawn’s extensive knowledge stems from her various roles as teacher, trainer and administrator. She offered practical solutions, involved the administrative team in activities designed to assess skills and improve efficiency and ended the day with a wonderful parent presentation on Positive Parenting.  We would recommend Shawn to any school that wants to improve.  She will offer concrete suggestions and everyone will enjoy the process.”

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